It seems I didn’t write anything for quite some time – not much is happening here.The biggest news is that I have cut my hair really short (to look professionally in work). Below are some pictures.

A really nice spring has finally begun, and since I haven’t started working at McKinsey yet, I have quite a lot of free time. And so I read lots of books (some Tibetian short stories, A Prayer for Owen Meany by Irving, 2666 by Bolano, …), walk in the woods and meadows around Doubravice, and meditate. And sometimes I meet some friends usually in a tea room in Brno or Prague. I’m just getting relaxed before the heavy workload at McKinsey.

While there was still winter I spent some time skiing in the mountains and at some sort of an experiential education camp. We have for example written, prepared, and played a nice theater show in 24 hours (with me in the major role) – I hope to have photos and a video sometimes.

But of course there are some duties for me to do – I have passed some sort of preliminary exams for my PhD in Prague (you can ask me how “demanding” they were), I’m writing some final report for a grant I had, washing windows and sawing wood at home, preparing a cipher-solving game, … And other things which I have forgotten already.


2 responses to “Leisure

  1. Já myslím, že to všichni berou celkem dobře (: Zvlášť jedna z babiček, která mě už pár let přemlouvala, ať se nechám ostříhat (:

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