Just briefly about my internship at McKinsey, which finally started almost three weeks ago. I’ve been enjoying it so far – I’m learning lots of new and interesting things, discovering how the financial world works… and I feel that what we’re doing makes sense and can be really helpful to the client.

I can pretty well imagine staying at McK after the internship ends – the work seems to be interesting and useful, the people are nice and friendly. But I don’t know yet whether I’ll want to do this in the long term. My main concern is the amount of time it takes – we usually work from 9 am till at least 10 pm, which doesn’t leave almost any time for other activities or friends (but you’re welcome to get in touch with me and we’ll certainly find some time when we can meet!). Fortunately the weekends are free, but still it’s not very good – if nothing else, there’s not enough time for everything. For example in the coming weekends I’m going to the cipher solving game Bedna, organizing an English experiential education weekend, and participating in the outdoor survival Přežití.

Also, the work is quite demanding and intensive – which is good from one point of view, making it interesting and offering lots of impulses for my development, but again I don’t know if I want (and would enjoy) it in the long term. I guess I’ll get better idea in a few more weeks.


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