Back to Math

My internship at McKinsey has ended last Friday. It was a really interesting experience, I got to know an entirely new world. And I learned a lot – both specific “economic” knowledge  and more general skills, for example about structuring and presenting your thoughts (which is still quite difficult for me). However, the work was quite demanding and tiring. I’m certainly glad that I’ve tried it, but it’s probably not the right job for me.

And so I’ve decided to return to Purdue. I feel quite enthusiastic about doing math again – and I’m glad that I’ve taken the leave. It has helped me to see a bit better what I want to do in life – and math seems to be the right choice. So I plan to return in August and hopefully pass the quals (I need two more, I want to take Complex Analysis and Topology). And I should still be supported by the Fulbright, which is great.

Right now I’m enjoying summer in the Czech Republic. In the beginning of July I’m going to an artistic experiential education course TriboLuminiscince. It is for people like me who once in a while enjoy creating something, but are entirely inept. After it I want to go trekking somewhere in the mountains. Besides from it all, together with some friends I’ve started organizing an untraditional and strange cipher-solving game. It would be slightly inconvenient when I’m in the US, but I hope we’d manage and that the game would be successfull.

And finally, I want to ask you for advice: should I keep my hair short or long? Or some other way? Any suggestions are welcome (:


8 responses to “Back to Math

  1. Congratulations to the decision – it must be great to know whawt you want to do again.:) Good luck with the quals. And about hair? Definitely long.

  2. Wau! This has been a year full of decisions for you! I am glad that you now feel more confident about your future plans and I wish that you maintain this confidence for long.

    About the hair: definitely long or at least mid-long, but not as long as to touch your shoulders. And dreadlocks might be cool too!

  3. It was OK with long but you really surprised me with short. It depends what is more comfortable for you :-)

  4. Hey Vita! I am so glad you are coming back. I think your ideas and love for outdoor activities could add some spice to our Fulbright group and the newcomers. As far as your hair, I would like to see it short and maybe let it grow if you don’t like it. Have a great summer, and get ready for more Quals, and West Lafayette ambiance.

    Take care!

  5. Ahoj,
    ja jenom zdravim a jsem rada za dobre zpravy – ze pro tuto chvili vis, co chces. Tak at se Ti dari!

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