5200 meter high hill!

In the last week or so I’ve been in Spiti, first travelling around a little and then spending a couple days in Kibber, at 4200 meters one of the highest villages in the world. Fortunately I’m already well acclimatised, so I haven’t been having almost any problems with the altitude.

Yesterday I went on a hike, first quite randomly, but then I saw a nice hill before the 6000 meter Kanamo mountain, and so I thought I’d try to hike up there. At first I was going up on a ridge which seemed to be going the way I wanted – but when I finally got higher up, I didn’t get only wonderful views of snow covered peaks all around me, but I also saw that I’m not really on a ridge going up the mountain I wanted to go to, but that I’ll have to descent a few hundred meters and cross a small valley first.

That was no fun, but I didn’t give up, after crossing the valley spent almost an hour climbing up a nasty, steep scree slope, until it finally leveled out and I reached the top of my hill, at around 5200 meters. It was really more like a hill, at the top there was an area of several hundred meters, which was almost entirely flat. I even tried to go for a run there and heroically managed to run 200 meters in a little over a minute (in my heavy hiking boots, of course)!

Kanamo wasn’t too far from there and looked even quite accessible through a path avoiding most of the snow on the top, but I’ve had enough for the day and just went back down, this time taking a much better path than going up. At some snow patch a little lower, I built a wonderful seven-ball-snowman! And lower still I saw some yaks, then a couple of Indians with a guide, planning to climb the mountain tomorrow, lower still quite a nice lake and ugly clouds and even some sound of thunder forming up over the mountains. And that was almost it for the day!

Tonight I’m in Kaza and tomorrow I have to get up at 4.30 to catch a bus towards Leh, the center of Ladakh. If all goes well, I should get there in the evening on the day after tomorrow – it’s gonna be some long bus rides!


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