Spring Break

Last week we had the spring break and to make it better, the weather decided to go crazy – most of the last 10 days we had temperatures (well) over 80°F = 26°C – and this is March! First I was happy about the sun and everything, but it’s getting too much, somehow I got used to sleeping in the cold :)

Since I got back from Europe and India only not too long ago, I decided to stay here. Here are some highlights: one night (while it was still freezing) I slept outdoors at a pretty secret place not too far from campus. Another day I biked to Delphi, a small town nearby. They have some nice trails and parks (full of nature, including some snakes) there with a stream just perfect for taking a short bath (not deep enough to swim, though) – and a great unused railroad bridge!

But the best thing was the burning prairie: I was just walking around when I saw some fire – and then more and more of it! It was quite intense (but only the dead, dry grass and shrubs burned, leaving space for new ones and trees). Fortunately I didn’t have a camera with me, so you can imagine it for yourself!